How I Work



I (almost) always work along side a psychologist or psychotherapist so my clients can gain full mental and physical well-being

I inform all GPs that I am working with their patients and I may request bloods or other medical tests.

I am a kind, patient, and humorous practitioner who values listening as much as offering advice and support.

The initial session is 90 minutes and during this time I will take a detailed history of the clients’ mental & physical health and circumstances.

All other sessions are roughly 50 minutes

I work with the client to decide on some short and long term goals

Initially, most clients come weekly or fortnightly but this will change over time

I am available for some email support outside of sessions, if this is appropriate to the client’s needs.


MY Philosophy

Let’s eat so we can live. Let’s live so we can eat.

Let’s eat so we can be present and thrive in every moment.

Let’s eats so we can be as well as we can possibly be.

Let’s eat so we can be wild, be safe, be calm, and be free.

Let’s eat so we can work, study, care for children, play and sleep.